[SOLVED] “https aka ms remoteconnect” Authentication Error

https aka ms remoteconnect

https aka ms remoteconnect – If you are one of the core gamers of the Microsoft Bedrock edition, then you have most probably has faced this error. Here is detailed information on what is aka. ms reconnect, why you face this issue with the solution to fix this issue are given below. let’s have a look. 

What Is aka ms reconnect

Using the feature of aka. ms reconnect, the user can play the game Minecraft on different platforms such as PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, desktop, and on smartphones. The Aka. ms remote connect access requires a Microsoft account. You can connect the Microsoft account using a code and then can play. 

What is Aka? https ms remoteconnect Error Message

You may find the error issue when playing Minecraft in any PlayStation or Nintendo Switch Console-like Ps4, Ps5, Nintendo Switch Control, Switch Control Lite, etc. When the Minecraft cross-platform requires an active Xbox Live account, this problem may occur. 

You can use the Xbox x live account for free using any Microsoft standard account. For this reason, when you will need to enable the cosplay, it will ask you to produce the credentials of login into Microsoft standard account. Generally, it will show you as an error message given below:

“Signing in to a Microsoft Account will permanently associate it with your current account for “Playstation Network” 

Apart from that, you can also use your existing Microsoft account to play Minecraft games on other devices. But this is only possible with once per account in ‘PlayStation network’. In that case, you should choose your Microsoft account very carefully. 

Why There is https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error in My Device?

You can see the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error on your device for several reasons. The first reason can be a device change. The gamers basically change their play device to enjoy a better gaming experience. However, this is quite common among gamers. In that case, they can face such an issue. As an example, if you are switching from ps4 to Xbox, you can face this issue. 

The Minecraft Bedrock edition is mainly famous for the cross-play feature. Whatever the reason be, this error you can easily fix. Before we jump to see the methods of fixing the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error, check the possible reasons for this error message. 

You Have Changed Your Device

As Microsoft can provide you with a crossplay feature, it allows you to play Minecraft on ps4, PC, and other gaming consoles. In that case, switching to another console or to another device, you can show the error message https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. 

The Game File is already Corrupted

Due to corrupted game files, you can face several issues. Amongst them, https://aka.ms/remoteconnect is quite common. So, check the files are proper in shape, size, and function, otherwise, you might be seeing remote connect issues in your Minecraft game playing. 

You Have Enabled Cross-play

The cross-play feature is one of the most appreciated features of Microsoft. It allows the user to enjoy Minecraft playing on any non-Microsoft device. The https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error can show you, when you will enable this feature in ps4, PC, Xbox, etc. 

How to Fix https://aka.ms/remoteconnect

You can easily fix the error by incorporating a few steps. Here we will describe all the solutions that can help you to fix the error. Before you start, you are suggested to save the game. 

1. Sign in again in your Microsoft account

When playing Minecraft on the PS4, you can see https://aka.ms/remoteconnect pop up on your screen. As the first and easy fix to this error, you can sign in again to your Microsoft account. The error may also ask you to connect your Microsoft account and to give a predefined code. In that case, you will get a window pop with a portal link. 

Sign in again in your Microsoft account

You can open the link in another tab and then copy the code in the text field. The error is fixed, you can resume your playing now. 

2. Delete The Minecraft saved Game Files

Follow the below steps to delete all the Minecraft game data. Let’s see how you can get rid of those problematic data in your Xbox 1, PS4, and Nintendo. 

Delete The Minecraft saved Game Files

In Xbox:

Step 1. Select the ‘games and apps’ and go to the ‘games’ menu. 

Step 2. Navigate to Minecraft and open the ‘ Managed game’ option. 

Step 3. Remove the files you want to do and follow further instructions there. 

In Playstation:

Step 1. Click the settings menu. 

Step 2. Navigate to system settings. 

Step 3. Open the game storage menu and you can see all of your saved game data. 

Step 4. Select the files you want to remove. 

Step 5. Repeat the login process in https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. 

3. Restart Your Device


Whichever gaming console is it – if you catch error files and bugs when playing Minecraft, you can simply get it back by restarting your device. It might be like to you as an elementary method, but it is such a solution that works in almost every case. It won’t harm your game or don’t react with the other files on your PC

4. Settle down cross-play feature

The cross draft is available on both PS4 and Xbox. To avoid this issue, you must have a grip on fixing this issue. In that case, download the game from the official store only. As an example, PS4 users can download it from the PS4 store. 

Settle down cross-play feature


Hope, now you have fixed the issue of HTTPS //aka.ms/remote connect. Now enjoy the game that you did before. Happy gaming. 


Is aka .ms remote connect a secure webpage?

The page is operated by Microsoft officials. Hence the name is safe and secure for the users. It allows the user to play Minecraft on different platforms. 

Why is Minecraft remote connect not working?

If the Minecraft remote connect is not working, that means the same Microsoft account is being used by someone else. You can fix these issues with some simple methods given above. 

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