BenQ PD2705U Review – 4K, Type C, Weak HDR

BenQ PD2705U Review – If you are searching for a 4K USB Type C Monitor with HDR10 support then the BenQ PD2705U is the best option in the market the price tag is a little high compared to any other 4K monitors but it may be a good choice for content creation and editing due to its amazing color accuracy.

The 27 inches 4K display looks great in fewer bezels and the stand supports height adjustments so you can change the height of the monitor to a comfortable position without any issues, also you can tilt, pivot and swivel the display to the best viewing angle.

This is the perfect monitor for those who are working in content creation and editing, you will get much better color accuracy and better sharpness overall in the playback, so the USB Type C helps you to transfer data faster and you can connect your Mac devices very easily.

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BenQ PD2705U Review –

The BenQ PD2705U offers a 27 inches flat IPS 4K panel with a 60Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync supports, also it has HDR10 and a USB Type C port for image quality cum better productivity, and the main point is the stand is fully adjustable, so you can change the viewing angle to a perfect position.

BenQ PD2705U
BenQ PD2705U

When it launches in the market the price tag is huge but right now the price tag is good and gives more competition in the market with the same specs monitors, it has some downsides such as the viewing angles and the low HDR peak brightness also the contrast is not super amazing.

Build and Design

The body of the BenQ PD2705U is made from plastic, and looks good the square shape stand saves a lot of space on your desk so you can keep extra accessories below the monitor, the stand supports all adjustments including the height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustability, this is very good for a productivity monitor so you can change the viewing angle to your favorite position.

BenQ PD2705U Side view
BenQ PD2705U Side view

The overall build quality of this monitor is okay, there is no metal body or any other strong finishing but good, but the minimal border looks good and the stand doesn’t keep much space in your desk setup.

BenQ PD2705U Back-Side view
BenQ PD2705U Back-Side view

The weight of this monitor is around 9.3 Kg with the stand, and the dimensions are 17.8 – 22.1×24.2×10.1 inches with the stand.

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Image Quality

The BenQ PD2705U has 27 inches flat IPS display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, it supports HDR10 for vibrant colors and better dynamic range, and also it offers a 99% sRGB rate for natural looking colors that are good for editing, graphic design, or content creation. The overall image quality is good but needs improvements in viewing angle and better HDR peak brightness to give you stunning visuals.


Performance wise it has a 60Hz refresh rate and FreeSync for decent gameplay, the low refresh rate is not sufficient for many users who want a higher refresh rate and that’s the reason you can’t enjoy the heavy gameplay in this monitor but otherwise, there is no issue is multitasking or any other tasks.


The monitor comes with many ports including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type C ports, and audio outputs.


4K, USB Type C port, Fully adjustable stand, HDR10.


Weak viewing angles, Low peak HDR brightness, decent 60Hz refresh rate.

Price Trends

BenQ PD2705U Price trends
BenQ PD2705U Price trends





These are the top 3 competitors of the BenQ PD2705U –

1. ViewSonic VP3256-4K

The ViewSonic VP3256-4K is better than the BenQ PD2705U, it has much better color accuracy, which is great for professionals, and the best thing is that you will get a bigger 32 inches to display with an adjustable stand, the main big thing is the price tag is low compared to the LG model.


If you don’t have a higher budget but want a 4K HDR10 USB Type C monitor then the Samsung S80A is perfect for you, it has 27 inches 4K display with HDR10 supports, and a fully adjustable stand so you can adjust gen height of the monitor comfortable position also you can use tilt, pivot swivel adjustments to get perfect viewing experience.

3. LG 32UP83A-W

This one more perfect monitor with great specs and overall experience with the best price tag, the 32UP83A-W has 32 inches 4K display and HDR10 supports with amazing color and shaper visuals, it supports AMD FreeSync for decent gaming and an adjustable stand for a comfortable view.

Final words

The BenQ PD2705U is a very good monitor but the price tag is really so you can get a better t]deal than this monitor such as bigger display size and better color accuracy, like the ViewSonic VP3256-4K, if you don’t budget then the Samsung S80A is a really great choice, but if you want more things then the LG 32UP83a-W is good for you.

I hope this post helps you to choose the right monitor for your need, check out our other articles to get the latest tech stuff.

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