Dell U4919DW Review – Cuvred, Type C, No HDR

Dell ultrasharp 49 curved Monitor-U4919DW Review – If you are searching for the Dell u4919dw monitor for your workstation then read this post completely. I am sharing the most important points that you need to check before making a purchase decision.

This is perfect for multitasking and productivity, Big 49 inches display with a bezel-less design gives you a perfect viewing experience, The monitor is not good for gamers because it has a 60Hz refresh rate so this is not ideal for heavy games. You can play games but you will see a lack of smoothness and color accuracy while playing games.

If you looking for a gaming monitor then you can check out other articles, In this post, I will share the important points of the Dell u4919dw, so it helps you to decide which monitor is best for you.

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For work this is a perfect monitor, it has an ultrawide design so you have to think about the space in your setup, also it has a non-adjustable stand so you can fully adjust the viewing angle to any position.

The display quality is great for working professionals there is no issue with that, The monitor offers a QHD resolution display that doesn’t have HDR capabilities, Contrast is low in this monitor and not very good for a darkroom.

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Overall it’s a good monitor for productivity, the monitor comes with USB Type C ports so that’s a good thing, so let’s go into the detail of this monitor –

Dell U4919DW Monitor Review – 49 inch

The Dell Ultrasharp monitor is another option for the 49-inch category, an immersive viewing experience, is best for real-time multi-tasking, editing, coding, and lots more things you can do with this monster, with unmatched performance.

The display of this monitor provides QHD resolution without HDR support, I think this is a bad thing if you are looking for an HDR monitor, Colors are not accurate if you look horizontally the colors are not accurate.

The stand of this monitor is very small and perfectly fits on your desk without taking up extra space, but the wide display may be a problem to keep on your desk,

It is too wide. The stand is not fully adjustable so you can’t fully rotate the angle you can adjust the height of the display.


Build and Design

The monitor looks premium with a strong plastic back and thin bezels that look immersive. The monitor is perfect for multitasking and productivity, The monitor looks very premium with nice finishing on the back,

The stand is very small and easily fits any desk size but it’s not fully adjustable that’s a big problem when you need to change the position of the monitor to a comfortable position, you can just adjust the height of this monitor at some level. Overall build quality and design of the monitor are very nice and there is no problem with the body parts.

Display Quality

The Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW comes with 49 inches curved display ‎1440p display, The resolution of this monitor is quite enough for sharp picture quality while working on this monitor.

The monitor does not support HDR content so you can enjoy the sharp quality of the HDR technology, The contrast of this monitor is very weak and the horizontal viewing is also weak, colors are accurate and perfectly produce natural colors.

The picture quality is not enough for gaming, for gaming you need a super sharp picture quality with massive responsible graphics.


The monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate and that is perfect for multitasking and productivity. If you use this monitor for gaming then you can’t see the impressive visuals due to the low refresh rate, and the overall performance.

The response rate of this monitor is a little weak and you can see unresponsive while playing games. The monitor is not great for gaming, you can play light games without any problem but don’t expect more quality and super fast speed.


The monitor comes with USB Type C and audio ports. This is very good and you can easily connect your MacBook for productivity.


Curved design, Nice built quality, thin bezels, USB Type C.


No HDR, Not fully adjustable, Low refresh rate, Expensive.

Price Trends

Price Trends
Price Trends


1. Is Dell u4919dw Best for Home Offices?

Yes, it’s good for your home office, but before choosing this monitor ensure you have sufficient space on your desk because it is a wide monitor.

2. Is Dell u4919dw good for gaming?

No, This is not good for gaming, because it has a slow 60Hz refresh rate so you can’t enjoy the response rate and speed while playing games, It is great for multitasking and productivity.

3. Can I connect my MacBook to The Dell Ultrasharp u4919dw?

Yes, you can it has a USB Type C port, and you can easily connect your Mac devices without any problem.


The Dell Ultrasharp u4919dw is perfect for multitasking and productivity, This is not good for gaming, but The design and build quality are awesome, USB Type C ports for faster connectivity, Big Display, and much more, but there are many weak points in this monitor like the stand is not fully adjustable, doesn’t have HDR, The contrast is low and not good for a low light setup, 60Hz refresh rate that is not good for gamers and it is little expensive you can find out cheap option in this segments without paying extra money and you will get better features than this monitor.

I hope this post helps you to understand the Pros and Cons of this monitor, If you are a working professional and want a 49 inches curved ultrawide monitor with a USB Type C port then this is the right choice for you. If you like this post then share it and subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest post notification in your inbox.

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