How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Contacts App

How to enable dark mode on the Google contacts app, If You want this feature on your contact app then read this post completely

and follow the simple steps to enable the dark mode feature in Google contact. Nowadays Google rolling out the dark mode feature on their apps and in this list, the Google contact app got the dark mode feature so in this post, you will learn how to enable it.

Google contact is a very popular contact app that gives you a lot more features like a backup of your contact to your email account and is very easy to use. I have already written a post about dark mode in the Google photos app, Play Store, Google Messenger, Google Keep, and Google Drive.

Dark mode has a lot of benefits like the rest of your eye’s best user-friendly experience and also optimizes your better battery performance.

What Is Dark Mode? Benefits Of Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode is a very good feature for all mobile users to give the best user experience and better battery performance,

At this time Android device or iOS device has very heavy hardware or software that uses a lot more battery than your phone so the dark mode optimizes your battery performance

by applying a dark theme on your favorite app that you use regularly so show in the dark mode feature black theme battery draining is lower than normal.

Recently Google Play Store gets dark mode, if you have not gotten dark mode on your play store app then please read my previous post.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Contacts App?

I will show you how to enable dark mode on your contact app so follow these simple steps to get dark theme background on your contact app.

You need to update your contact app to the latest version so that you can get this feature on your contact app and then follow these quick instructions.

Follow These Step To get Dark mode on Google Contacts App

Follow these simple and quick guides for enabling dark mode on your contacts app –

1. Go to Settings

Firstly if your app is not updated then update your app from the play store, Then go to settings

2. Click the Theme option

When you go to settings you see the theme option 

3. Select the Dark Option

The default is light, so select the Dark option

So finally you got a Dark background theme on your contacts app. The dark mode features available soon on the Gmail app and Google Maps and other apps so I will write a post soon about the coming features on the application.

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