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Best Avatar Maker Apps For Android Users In 2021

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Best avatar maker apps for android users in 2021, if you are searching for a best app that provides you to make great personal avatars, sticker and much more then you are in the right place.

In today’s smartphones have already great features in there camera app but it’s not enough,

if you want a custom avatar of yours or create a stickers of your own creativity then you have to install a app that help you to customize the cartoon character of yourself.

Many smartphone manufactures have already added so many features in built on there device,

but many of great features are not available, don’t worry about that we covered in this post top best apps that can help you to create beautiful avatar of yourself.

Best Avatar Maker App For Android

How you can create unique avatar of yourself ? In the play store many apps available for making avatar and stickers and icons, so can use these type of apps to create awesome cartoon character.

in these type of apps you get very nice features like adding more elements, enhance the picture and do more creativity with your photo, then you get best outputs with the help of these type of apps.

1. Avatar Maker : Anime

avatar maker: anime

This is the first app in our list, in this app you can customize your character very easily. The interface is very easy to use and all tools are available like customize your face and add sizes, add your eye size and clothes and many more. You can save the picture and you can directly share this avatar to your social media platforms.

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2.Avatoon – Avatar Creator & Emoji Me


Avatoon is very powerful editing and customizing app for your own pictures and create a beautiful avatar of yourself. Here you can get the best tools to create more beautiful stickers, avatars, emoji and share your thoughts in the avatars. Your can add pictures to your avatar, add icons, edit your images and customize yourself.

3. Face Avatar Maker Creator

face avatar maker creator app

This is the another app that gives you lot of features to edit your real life pictures to a cartoon character with your own customization, this app has lots of features available like adding text in your pic, custom stickers, emoji and many other appearance to the photo, you can edit the background. share your pictures via this app directly.

4. Avatar Maker: Anime Boys

avatar maker anime boys

This is fourth app in our list, this app is also gives you best avatars. You can add many types of hairstyle, edit more expression on your pictures, choose best colours yourself to a stunning look of your avatar, adding more elements to your images, choose different types of clothes, accessories, add stickers emoji icons and text over your pic to express yourself.

5. Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

cartoon maker app

This app is very simple and easy to use, Create simple cartoon character by adding parts, there are tons of stickers available in the library so you can easily choose yourself for your best avatar picture. This app is very simple to use navigate.


In this post we shared some information about the best avatar maker app for your android device, so you can easily create beautiful avatar by the help of these apps, so if you found this post helpful then don’t forget to subscribe our post feed and get latest post on your inbox.

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