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How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Authenticator App

How to enable dark mode on Google authenticator app

How to enable dark mode on Google Authenticator app, In this post i shared information about turning dark theme option in Authenticator app.

In this online world you never know when you compromise your security to a third party person so security is no 1 priority.

If you shopping from a non-recognise website then your personal data will be compromised.

This type of activities losses people’s personal data so don’t visit this type of site,

and also don’t install unknown app from other sources or even Google Play Store.

So that reasons you can use Google authenticator app that gives you protect all your accounts like gmail, Facebook and other services that uses

2 steps verification for your account. Its help to your account 2 time secure so this is very good app for your security.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Authenticator App

In the previous post i told about how to enable dark mode on various apps like – Google Play Store, Google Photos, Calendar, Massages app,

Google Chrome, Google keep app so please visit all this post to know how to use dark mode in all this apps.

Dark mode has lot of benefits its boost your phone’s battery performance and also reduce eye strain.

All other top grossing app gets dark mode and Google will enable this feature to there various apps

Read this post completely to get imformed about how to use this feature in authenticator application.

Follow These Quick Step To Get Dark Mode On Google Authenticator App

You need to follow these simple and quick step guide to use dark background theme on your favourite authenticator app, so follow these steps –

1. Update Your Authenticator App From Play Store

If you haven’t latest Google authenticator app then go to google play store and then update your app

2. Open Your Appp And Click On Right Sidebar

When you updated your app, and then open your app then you can see three dot icon in the right sidebar, click on three dot icon

Google authenticator settings

3. Select ” View in dark mode” Option

When you click on three dots you can clearly see dark mode option below, so finally click the ” view in dark mode” option

Enable dark mode on Google authenticator app

Finally you got dark mode feature on your authenticator app, so enjoy your dark theme.


So, Dark Mode feature is very useful, it’s lot of benefits. Google Authenticator is a very good app for authentication for your all accounts, i recommend you to use this app to secure your account from getting stealing your personal data. This app is help you to secure accounts.

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  1. There is no “view in dark mode” setting in the right side bar. I’m updated to the current version. I’m on a Pixel 4 so you’d think I would be able to.

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