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How To Enable Dark Mode On Twitter Android Application

How to enable dark mode on twitter android application

How to enable dark mode on twitter android app, dark mode is available now for twitter android app, In this post you know about enabling dark theme

on your favourite twitter app, so read this post completely and then enjoy you night mode on twitter.

Twitter release dark mode already in web version and now its available for Android users

You can follow these quick steps that i provide below so you can easily turn on dark mode on twitter app within few minutes.

I already wrote post about other apps dark mode feature and how to enable them, example : Google Authenticator, Play store, Google drive, Photos etc.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Twitter Android App

You know dark is very nice colour for app users because, when you see content on the app its very good viewing experience and also save lot of battery,

So overall this is nice feature and this feature is coming soon on other popular app, and then i write a post about.

In my previous post i already told that the benefits of dark mode on applications, so read my previous post tp know some knowledge about dark mode.

So follow these quick guide to applying dark theme on twitter android app.

Follow These Step To Use Dark Mode On Your Favourite Twitter App

Firstly you need to update your app, if you using a older version of twitter app then go to google play store and then update your app, when you updated your app or i

If you are using a latest twitter app then follow the steps that i told below –

1. Open Your App And Click On Profile Icon

Open your app and then you can clearly see your profile icon on the left sidebar, so click on your pro6 icon.

2. Click On ‘ Bulb Icon’ Button

When you click on your profile icon then, below you can see a bulb icon button so click on this button, actually this is the dark mode button you can tyrn off/on whenever you want.

Twitter dark mode option
Twitter dark mode option
Twitter android app dark mode

And finally you got dark theme on your entire twitter app, you can easily turn off dark mode by clicking bulb icon button instantly.

So friends this is the small tutorial for applying dark mode on twitter android app.

Can Dark Mode Really Help You on Reducing Eye Strain ?

I think yes on some conditions like what is your phone’s screen type AMOLED, OLED or IPS Display ?

Actually dark mode do very nice performance on OLED or AMOLED screens because here every pixels have own light and whenever they want display color.

So in AMOLED or OLED displays you can see original and brighter colour combinations, when you see content on Black background then you see only the content

Because your black backgrounds pixels are turn off there lights totally so you see only the contents.

Overall when you use dark mode theme pn your app it help to your eyes to protect from extra lights come from your phone and if you use AMOLED or OLED Display then definitely this is help you lot.

Can Dark Mode Boost Your Battery Performance ?

Yes, it helps on some conditions that i already discussed above, so that depends on your screen type because when

You using a OLED display phone and then you use it to over dark mode then the black LED pixels was totally off so you see only the beautiful colours.

So when your displays most pixels are off then there are not use your battery to display any content.

This reason dark mode help to boost your battery performance, and another way without dark mode you see a white background or like other colours

When you see white colour then pixels are use your phone’s battery, or another in IPS LCD screens there haven’t particular pixels own light, here black is not a truly black background theme,

So IPS use your battery even you are using dark mode feature on your favourite app. So i hope you understand all the points, if you have any question then comment down below.

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