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How To Enter Referral Code In Hago App In Just a Few minutes

how to enter referral code in hago

How to enter referral code in Hago app in just a few minutes, If you want to earn some pocket money from Hago app, so you need to refer your Hago app referral code to your friends

and when your friend installed the app and create an account on the Hago app, then you need to enter your referral code.

You have to follow these steps to increase your earnings on hago app. Hago is a great platform that you can make money from it, for doing some activity you can earn massive Paytm cash.

There are many ways available to boost your earning on the app, By growing a tree you can make daily 20 rupees

from this event, after when you reach 25 Rupees you can withdraw your earnings to your linked Paytm account in just a minute.

In this post, we will discuss how to enter hago referral code on the app so many people have this problem that, they can’t find where to enter the code of Hago app.

How To Enter Referral Code In Hago

When reached the minimum withdraw amount, Then you need to refer a friend after that you can transfer the available balance on your Hago wallet,

so below follow the steps to enter your referral code on Hago in few minutes –

Referral Code: 211WF4Z

After downloading the app use this referral code on your Hago app.
  • Step 1. Firstly you need to install the app so you can download from the above-given link or you can download from here
  • Step 2. After download, the app, the next step is to create an account using your phone number
  • Step 3. When you create your account, then you can see on your homepage, then scroll down and select Hago money plant option
  • Step 4. And then finally enter the code here and start making money from this app.
hago referral code enter

How To Increase Your Earning With Hago App

Hago is a gaming-based app, You can play games that available on the app and also you can play with your friends by sharing this app,

but now you can earn money from this platform, by playing games to increase

your coins and exchange that coins and you can enter any available contest on the app.

hago app

There are many ways to earn money, but if you want to maximize your earnings and the simple way is to refer your friends and grow your money plant.

in this app you can get lots of features as you can chat with your friends, you can join rooms and chat over there.

If you want to earn some extra money so you can read this post.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings To Paytm Account

When you earned money and want to withdraw this amount to your Paytm account so how to transfer the money from the Hago app?

when you reached 25 rupees then you will be asked to share at least one friend then you can withdraw your amount.

So you have to share your referral link to your friend and tell them to install the app with your referral code,

and that’s it now you can withdraw your amount by clicking on withdrawing option on the Hago money plant option.


Hago is a totally entertain gaming and make money app, you need to just install the app and start earning on this platform.

Play with your friend like a multiplayer game. You can enter any available contest over there.

If you like this post then share this post with your friends so they can also earn money from this app.

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