How To Be Safe Online From Online Fraud

how to be safe online

In this digital growing world you never know when you will be compromised from a online fraud, In this post i told about some important points to how to be safe online. Many times people get compromised because of there own

mistakes but we have to learn from it and apply on our digital activity so in this post we discus about how we can alert from every step we are make from online activity.

In all over world online shopping is now very big advantages but it has many disadvantages, so how can know good way to shopping online without any fear about fraud so let’s go the point.

How To Be Safe In This Online World Without Any Fear

Many people think that they are safe but they are actually got scammed so while online shopping check are you on right website or not, This thing is very important for you when you want a purchase a product from social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other platform are using by a scammer,

so why they use these social media platform to target people, well Facebook or Instagram are the most popular sites and almost every people use them so this information is very good for a scammer, then the next step is they publish a ad on the platform so they can reach many people by short time.

The scammer create a duplicate website look like the original website and when a visitor enter there website and want to purchase any thing by entering there card details on the site so the card details information is bypass to scammer and the scammer use visitors card details.

Be Alert On Online Shopping

Everyone do online shopping but many of them got scammed, below some small point listed about how you can safe while purchasing product from online shopping.

Know The The Right Website

Many time the scammer create a duplicate website look like same to the original website so firstly check the website, check url of of the website official sites are always in https and SSL are enabled and the green padlock icon you can see on the web address left side. Don’t enter a website with http enabled, here google shows an notification on the url says this website is not fully secure.

Don’t Believe Fake Emails Or Fake Messages On Social Media Platform

Many times you got fake messages from facebook or instagram then please don’t believe them without verifying that are right person or a fake person. They can offer you money but don’t believe them easily.

Try To Make Purchase With A Virtual Card Or Credit Card

When you purchase any product from online then try to purchase with your credit card or if you have not any credit card so don’t worry many bank give you to use a virtual card, this is a like a wallet you have to add money in your card and then you can purchase with it.

Don’t Install A Third Party App

You can get many apps from your playstore or app store so why are you use a third party app from directly from google. Many apps steal your personal data so use apps that you use everyday life and don’t use apk or moded application available on google. Check your application manager and see what the particular app granted permission. Give permission on a good way to th apps.


In this post i talk about the online scams an how to prevent from these type of fruad so if you like the post then please share the post to your friends.

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