Share Your Mobile Internet To Another Device Via Bluetooth

How to share your mobile internet to another mobile device with the help of Bluetooth, Sharing your internet to another mobile phone is done through a Wifi hotspot,

You can also share your internet via Bluetooth. In this post, I shared step by step guide on how to enable this option on your device.

Well sharing your mobile data to another phone is done by three-way first is WiFi hotspot and second is Bluetooth tethering, and the last way is USB tethering,

these are the way we can share our internet from one device to another device, Inn this post we talk about Bluetooth tethering,

How does Bluetooth tethering work? And how you can use this feature to transfer your phone’s mobile data to another mobile phone.

How To share Your Mobile Data Via Bluetooth

If you are not using this feature, then this is an exciting topic for you. We are mostly using the WiFi hotspot to transfer our mobile internet to another device.

We are happy with the WiFi hotspot because of the range of the network, and another way Bluetooth tethering is not very popular is because of its range.

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So how you can use the Bluetooth tethering feature on your device, well you don’t need to do extraordinary work, this is very simple,

You need just paired Bluetooth on your mobile phone and, then you can elect to get the Bluetooth tethering feature.

Is it not available on every phone? No, this feature is available on every device we have right now, like Android Phones.

Below I shared the step by step guide –

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices

Firstly choose yourself which device are you use for internet surfing, then go to the settings and turn on Bluetooth, and pair both devices,

2. Turn on Bluetooth tethering on your primary phone

Bluetooth tethering
Bluetooth tethering

You can find the Bluetooth tethering option by going to Setting> Wireless & network > Tethering & mobile hotspot > Bluetooth tethering.

3. Finally now you can surf the internet via Bluetooth

Open any browser and check the internet connection, and surf the internet via Bluetooth.

Advantages of Bluetooth tethering

When your WiFi hotspot is not working or any issue with your WiFi or another device’s WiFi, just turn on Bluetooth and surf the internet without hotspot WiFi.

When you transfer any file over Bluetooth, then you can easily access the internet without a hotspot.

What is the disadvantage of the Bluetooth tethering

Well, one bad thing is that it has a low range to connect your Bluetooth on another mobile phone, but WiFi, it has a long-range network so you can access the internet from a long distance.


Three-way internet sharing we use on our mobile phone to get connected with the internet from another mobile phone, In this post, I shared step by step guide about the Bluetooth tethering feature in our mobile phones, we learn How to connect, Advantages and disadvantages.

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