What Are The Best Offline Games For Android

best offline games for android

What are the best offline games for Android? Everyone likes video games such as action, adventure, racing, and many types off games. In the Google Play Store, you can see every type of games are listed there,

We know the only popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, etc, You know that these the best games on the Google Play Store, But these are very big sizes games and you need a better internet connection, otherwise you can’t enjoy the full graphics and seamless experience while playing the game.

If you are staying a low network coverage area and trying to playing these games. But you can’t, because of the slow internet connection.

What to do, so don’t worry you can play games without the internet, I shared below some popular offline games that you can play without a great internet connection.

Best Games That You Can Play In Offline Mode

If you go for big sizes and popular games then you need a powerful possessor and also internet speed and finally a big space on your mobile phone,

Below I listed some of the lightweight games that don’t need big storage, fast internet speed, and a best powerful smartphone, these games are lightweight games when you want to play, just play the game without the internet.

One more thing is that without the internet means you need some data to download the game and then you can play without the internet so firstly you need some data that sufficient to complete the download process.

After that, you can play games in flight mode. Basically, online games are charge data while you are playing the games, they need the internet to gives you the best experience and graphics.

These are the best offline games that now you can play without any extra data charges –

1. The Catapult 2

This is the first game, This game was 10M+ Downloads So that this is a very popular game in the offline games section on Google Play Store. This is the full action game, You have an attack on your enemy by many types of weapons.

2. Alpha Guns 2

This is another great action games, in this game you are on a mission that you have to save the earth from extinction, You get big machine guns, and many powerful weapons to fight against your enemy. This game is a very small size of 51MB.

3. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Halicopter 3D

This is a 3D game, you get better graphics and animation, increase smoothness while playing the game. You can get a lot more easy controls on the game, this is the helicopter game, so you are on a big mission and enjoy the helicopter ride by becoming a pilot over there.

4. Rope Hero : Vice Town

This is a superhero game. You are a super hero and you can fly above buildings. Game is super easy to play, you can ride a bike, fly on a jet, aircraft, and much more experience. This game is so exciting, just download and play the game.

5. Metal Soldiers 2

This is the last game in this list that you can play the game in offline, this is the great shooting game, you are on a mission you have to fight against your enemy, there are many shooting modes you get while playing the game. Modern guns and other equipment to help you to shoot the object properly.


These are the best offline games that you can play without the internet. If you want to play lightweight games then you can try these games also, so these games are very small sizes compared to the big games and you get great gaming experience.

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