Top 5 Sniper Games For PC Under 200MB

Top 5 Sniper games for PC under 200Mb, If you are looking for small MB games for your PC then you are in the right place. In this post I shared some great 200MB games for your PC, so read this post completely.

Everyone loves games, but many popular games are high graphics and big sizes, this will change the experience of playing games but if your PC has low power possessor and you don’t have enough storage on your device so how you can play a game on your PC.

Then you have to go for the small MB games for your PC so that you can play the game easily and smoothly without any crashes.

Top 5 Sniper Games For PC Under 200MB

In this post I shared with 5 best sniper games under 200MB, shooting games are trending right now so I only tell about the top 5 games that you can play on your low power PC.

If you don’t have storage to play big sizes games or your computer’s possessor is weak so you can’t play such big games on your device.

If you trying to play on your PC then your device is running slow, the game is crashed many times and other related problems you can face on your computer.

Sniper Games For Your PC Under 200MB Sizes

These all games only for Windows PC, if you want to play small MB games on your Android device then you can read our recent post or you can directly search on the right sidebar.

1. Kill The Buddy

kill the buddy

This game is about 37MB size, a very lightweight game for your PC. In this game, you are on a mission to kill all your enemies through your guns. This game is a very simple layout, easy to control and you can enjoy the smoothness of this game.

2. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter CS

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter CS

This is the second game on this list, In this game, you get the target to destroy your enemies on a limited time and limited round of bullets. When you reached your target then you got reward. Game is a 3D game, so you can enjoy the 3D graphics on the game.

3. CS Strike Terrorist FPS

terrorist strike

This is a very interesting game, In this game, you are a commando and you are on a mission to save your country from terrorist attacks, You will get modern guns to destroy the camps of the terrorist. The size of this game is about 28MB so don’t wait just download and play.

4. Counter Combat Strike CS

counter combat strike

This is our 4th game on the list, This is a shooting game and you will get the latest guns to kill your enemies and win the game. You can track your enemies and attack them at the right time. The game has great graphics to boost your gaming experience with the small size of the game.

5. Zombie Strike Counter

zombie counter strike

This is the last game in this list of sniper games under 200MB for your PC. This game about 208MB size, the game is loo like very realistic while playing the game. You have to kill the zombies on this game with powerful guns. You can easily control all settings while playing the game.

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