Boost Your Productivity as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a good mode of work – for those who do not like the regular 9-5 jobs. The burden that however comes with being a freelancer is just as numerous as its benefits. 

Every freelancer needs to know how to file taxes, monitor income, and expenditure, search for and secure contracts, break down tasks, etc.

– all of which would be handled by different departments in an organization, leaving the individual to handle the tasks peculiar to them.

Every freelancer is bound to burn out, especially at the beginning of their career and this is often caused by their inability to handle the myriad of tasks they take on.

Boost Your Productivity as a Freelancer

To mitigate this problem, outlined briefly are 5 tools that can boost a freelancer’s productivity:

  1. Trello: This is a project management application that is pretty easy and free to use. The application helps the freelancer schedule tasks, track progress and see how much work has been done in a particular period. It also allows for collaboration between team members working on a project.

VPN: A VPN helps create a secure connection between a user and the network. It encrypts the data being transferred and makes it unreadable to any hacker that may try to intercept the connection or snoop for sensitive information, especially when you are on public networks.

  1. EverNote: The brain is known to not only forget, but also misrepresent faint memories. This is why it is important for freelancers to make use of note-taking applications to document to-do lists, reminders, create notes or write memos and ideas on the go.
  1. LinkedIn: This is the top social networking website for professionals. Freelancers should make use of this website to meet new people, advertise their skills, and also expand the horizon of their work. 

Wave Accounting: This all-in-one application enables freelancers to manage their taxes, invoice, income, and expenditure flow all in one place. This saves freelancers a lot of hassle and stress in handling this critical aspect of the business.

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