How To Enable Dark Mode In Pinterest App

How to enable dark mode in Pinterest

How to enable dark mode in the Pinterest app, are you using Pinterest? if yes, then you know that the background of the app is white, and when you use Pinterest for a long time, this is bad for you and your smartphone battery also.

White backgrounds drain the battery faster than a black background, In Pinterest dark theme available there. If your phone’s battery drains faster because of using Pinterest a long time then this option will help you to optimize your battery life and also the app looks stunning in dark mode.

Mostly every mobile app gets a dark theme option to enhance user experience and also save battery. In this post, you will learn how you can enable a dark mode option on your Pinterest app.

Enable Dark Theme In Pinterest App

For enable dark mode in you need to update your app in latest version, when you update your Pinterest app your next steps is here –

1. Go To Settings

When you update your app or if you update already then open your Pinterest app and you can see an icon in the left sidebar just tap on it, now you can see your settings of your profile, in your settings, go to account settings

account settings in Pinterest

2. Go To App Theme Option

After clicking on account settings you can see many options available there to enable dark theme go to theme option

Theme option in Pinterest

3. Choose Dark option

In-app theme option there is three option available here, first is Set Battery Saver, second is light and third is dark so choose the dark option and finally your entire app is now covered with a dark background.

dark theme option in Pinterest
Pinterest dark theme


In this post I shared the how-to guide to enabling dark mode on your Pinterest app in less than 2 minutes, If you found this post helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and if you have any queries you can ask me in the comment section below.

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