How To Find Your Stolen Or Lost Android Phone

find your lost android phone

How to find your stolen or lost android phone, Mobile phones are essential today for everyone, What you do if your phone was lost, firstly you are trying to reach your phone with a call, messages,

If it doesn’t work for you then what can you do? Try to reach out to your phone by last visited places,

If all these ways are not working, then what’s your next step?

This time Google will help you to find your lost android phone using the “Find My Device” application by Google.

In this post, you will learn how it works? Essential points to recover your lost phone with the help of Find My Device application.

What Is Google’s Find My Device Application?

find my  device

This is an Android application, launched by Google a few years back. This app crossed over 100M+ downloads on the Google Play Store, this app helped many people to recover their Android phones.

What Is The Features Of The Application?

This is a very simple app, Easy to use, and you can control everything on this app. You need to install the app on your phone and log in with your active Google account and then finally give access to your location, and you are all ready to use this app.

Some features of the app :-

  • Erase all data
  • Play a loud sound on the device
  • See the location of your phone
  • Secure your phone by locking the phone (PIN, Pattern or Password)

Erase All Your Device Data

When you phone was lost, then you delete all your data, so anyone can’t misuse your personal data. This is the best way to protract your personal information on the device.

Play Loud Sound

If you are phone is near to, but you can’t see, then you can click on the play sound option after the phone is playing a loud sound to help you to find your phone.

Track Location

If your phone’s location is active, then you can see the location of your phone, and you can know the location of your phone. This feature will help you to find the location of your lost Android phone.

Secure Your Phone

If your phone hasn’t any screen lock, you can create a new lock screen to save your phone’s data. You can set PIN, Password, or pattern lock on the phone directly from the Find My Device app.


Find your lost android phone using Google’s Find My Device application. This app will help you access the device, and then you can control your phone to another Android mobile to track the location, Erase Data. Play loud Sound and finally lock your phone.

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