How to recover your Google account? if you forgot your password. There are many steps to recover your account or reset your password, all information available on this post so read this small post completely.


You know that Google account is an essential account to use Google services like – Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Photos, Maps, Drive, and other important services.

We all like Google services, If you want to use Google services, you have to create a Google account; after that, you are all set to use Google services like – Gmail, YouTube, Drive etc.

When you lost your password, so how you can recover your account and what is the simple way to get your account back.

Simple Step To Recover Your Google Account

When you create a Google account, recovery-related questions asked to the user so when they lost there username, password and can’t access the account, these questions are helpful to recover your Google account.

When you are on the signup page of Google account. here, you can add a recovery mail, so when you lost your password or want to recover your account, you can quickly recover your account through the recovery mail and the security questions.

For Recovery Of Your Google Account Follow These Steps

These are the simple ways to recover your Google account –

Recover through your Passwords

When you click on the forgot password link, here you can recover your account by entering the last password that you remembered.

Answers to security questions

While recovery your account, you can answer the questions that are you filled during account creation.

From your recovery mail

You can out your recovery mail to get the confirmation link, on that mail all information is sent to you, follow these step to get back you’re account.



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