How To Use WhatsApp On Your Desktop

how to use whatsapp on desktop

How to use WhatsApp on your desktop, WhatsApp is the worldwide most downloaded app in the play store, for online chatting with your friends and family. The app is super easy to use for mobile phones.

This app has lots of features available like – Chat, sending your media files, such as video files, an audio file, documents, emojis, stickers.

And you can also do a group video call, voice call to connect with your friends and family with the help of the internet.

If you want to share any information with a specific group of users, then you can create a group and add participants, a name of that group, add profile pictures.

You can also block a specific person or you can mute their status, or you can set your privacy according to you, like – who can see your profile picture, set your status privacy, and a lot more features available on this chatting app.

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Desktop

This app is for mobile devices, but if you want to use this app on the desktop then WhatsApp gives an option is called WhatsApp web, so here you can’t get the full feature of WhatsApp but you can chat easily with this version.

WhatsApp web is very simple to use and in this web version, you will see a limitation on this version.

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But you can still chat here and see the status of others and own. This is very important when you don’t have your phone and you have an important chat, This time WhatsApp web helps you to chat on your desktop.

How to connect to your Phones WhatsApp to your desktop WhatsApp web, below you can follow the steps to get WhatsApp web on your Desktop.

How To Get WhatsApp Web On Your Desktop

For WhatsApp web, you need your phone, on the device you need sufficient mobile data to enable this feature on your desktop.

1. Open your WhatsApp on your smartphone

If you haven’t installed WhatsApp on your phone, then go to your app store and install the app, or if you have already installed the app then go to the next step.

2. Click on the WhatsApp web option on the right sidebar

On your home screen, you can see in the right sidebar, WhatsApp web option available there, you need to just click on the option

WhatsApp web option
WhatsApp web option

3. Click on the plus icon

After clicking the WhatsApp web option, you can see a new window opened and in the right sidebar a plus icon over there so just click on the option.

WhatsApp web

4. Go to WhatsApp web on your desktop

When you click on the plus icon on your WhatsApp, you can see the QR scanner opened there. The next step is going to on your browser.

WhatsApp web QR code on desktop

5. Verify the QR code

When visiting the WhatsApp web official web page, You can see here a WhatsApp QR code available, you need to just verify that QR code from your phone’s QR scanner through WhatsApp. Finally, you are all set to use WhatsApp on your desktop.

WhatsApp web QR code


WhatsApp web is an option that you can use to chat, see status over there from your computer like your WhatsApp application on your phone, but there is some limitation to using it, but this is a great way to use WhatsApp through the desktop.

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