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Are you looking for a high-resolution monitor for a long? Mobile Pixels TRIO is one of the best options you can go for. The build and design of the monitor are standard and offer an amazing viewing angle. The monitor is suitable for basic work and other normal purposes. 

The response rate of the monitor is quite disappointing. The monitor is not suitable to match the pace of competitive gaming. So, overall it’s a very good monitor. You can purchase for standard text clarity. Keep reading the article to know more about Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable Monitor.


Screen Size = 13 (12.5 Inches)

Pixel Type = IPS

Resolution = 1920× 1080

Response Time = 31.0ms

Aspect Ratio = 16:9

Maximum Refresh Rate = 60Hz

Variable Refresh Rate = No Variable Rate 

Height Adjustment = 0.0”

Native Contrast = 979:1

Horizontal Resolution = 1920 Pixels 

Vertical Resolution = 1080 Pixels

Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable monitor is a 13-inch monitor which has a high-resolution rate. The monitor is famous for its text clarity and productivity. The contrasts ratio and response rate of the monitor are not satisfying. The monitor build design is very unique and standard.

 It has a case instead of any standing support. It doesn’t have any tilt range or height adjustment. There are pros as well as cons to buying this monitor. It depends on your purpose and the purpose of buying a monitor is. It is a good monitor at affordable rates for basic use


Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable monitor has a unique design than another monitor. It is specially designed for TRIO setups. The productivity of the monitor is very good. The pixel density of the monitor is also high. Although the screen size is not big it is a good monitor for media creation or watching series or videos. The input lag of the monitor is high which makes the monitor not suitable for gaming purposes. The monitor offers an amazing viewing angle. 

 Mobile Pixels TRIO
Mobile Pixels TRIO

The quality of the text is dependent on the mounting sides of the screen. You can play normal games for fun but it is not fit for professional gamers. Overall it is a decent monitor for daily usage. After reading the overview, it’s very important to read about the building design and image quality before purchasing any monitor.

Build and Design 

The monitor doesn’t have any stand or adjustment range. The weight of the monitor is very light. You can easily carry it wherever you want. The monitor has a clip design for triple screen setups. The weight of the monitor is supported by a case if you stand it vertically.

The monitor has no swivel or Tilt range. The viewing angle of the monitor is 270°. You can tilt the Mobile pixels TRIO monitor in any direction for the comfort of your eyes. The monitor doesn’t offer any cable management system or local dimming feature.

The top and bottom of the monitor have thinner borders than the left and right sides of the monitor. The magnetic case of the monitor is made up of ABS plastic. The monitor has a basic normal build design.

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Image Quality 

The contrast ratio of the monitor is not good and also has no local dimming features. The grey colour looks black in the darkroom. The monitor has fine brightness and it is fit for indoor viewing. It has good colour accuracy and a horizontal viewing angle. The angle of the screen is adjustable.

It has a normal vertical viewing angle. There is no Centre deviation. It has an excellent grey uniformity and an Okay black uniformity. The image is not cloud-free. The monitor also has a problem with the backlight bleed. The colour temperature of the monitor is 6,239k and the brightness is 166cd/m2.

The monitor doesn’t have Gamma setting or RGB controls. Although the image quality is not that crisp and decent Overall The Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor has a good image quality. keep reading the review to know about the performance and pros of the monitor.


Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor is a 13-inch IPS that comes in a unique design. The mobile pixel TRIO monitor has high resolution and excellent reflection handling. The right side of the screen has more image clarity than the left. The total response time of the monitor is 31.0ms. The rise and fall time of the monitor is 17.5ms and the refresh rate is 60Hz. The monitor doesn’t support FreeSync and G-sync technology.

The input lag of the monitor is higher in comparison to another monitor. The monitor is not a good option for gamers. The Pixel density of the monitor is 169PPl. high Pixel density is the speciality of The mobile Pixel TRIO monitor. The monitor doesn’t give inputs such as DisplayPort, Mini display port, HDMI, DVI, VGA, or USB connectivity.

The monitor doesn’t have any speakers. The display and features of the monitor are very basic and straightforward. It is one of the good basic monitors at an affordable rate.


The monitor comes with USB Type C ports.


Mobile pixels TRIO monitor has a very decent viewing angle 

The text on the monitor is amazing.

The monitor has an outstanding grey uniformity.

The monitor has a high-resolution rate.

The build quality of the monitor is unique.


The Contrast ratio of the monitor is low.

The input lag of the monitor is higher than another monitor.

It has a very low response rate.

The quality of text varies according to the side of the screen mounted.

Price Trends

Mobile Pixel trio price trends
Mobile Pixels TRIO Price Trends




Let’s compare the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitors with other monitors and differentiate their features from their alternatives.

Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor vs Mobile Pixels Dual Plus 

Mobile Pixels Dual Plus is good for basic purposes like Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor. The build quality of the Dual Plus model is not good as the TRIO monitor. Both monitors are not designed for gamers and for more hectic tasks. The monitor works well if you do normal computing. The dual plus is quite expensive but both of them can be a good choice for basic daily use.

Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor vs Xebec

Xebec provides very good productivity like Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor. It is one of the budget-friendly monitors. The resolution rate of the monitor is 1920×1200 and the aspect ratio is 16:10. Xebec offers a very good colour reproduction. Xebec is not a bad option if you are looking forward to buying a Tri screen set up at a reasonable rate. 

Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor vs Gigabyte G27Q

Gigabyte G27Q monitor has a very good response rate so, it is highly suitable for gaming purposes. The screen is very big and has a high-resolution rate. The monitor has the decent image quality and good colour accuracy. This is an excellent quality monitor and is budget-friendly too. As the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor, it also has a wide viewing angle.

 The building design of both monitors is completely different from one another. Unlike Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor, it has exceptionally low input lag. Both monitors have a low contrast ratio. Hence, it depends on the preferences that you want to buy a monitor for which purpose and for how much?

Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor vs Samsung ur55

The Samsung ur55 is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy watching series and playing games. The image quality and colour accuracy of the monitor is superb. The size of the monitor is much larger than the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor. 

The building design of the monitor is decent and beautiful. Other than the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor, it supports the Free sync technology. The colour reproduction and viewing angle of the monitor are excellent. The monitor also has high contrast ratio. So, it’s quite better in all aspects than Mobile Pixels TRIO Monitor.

Mobile Pixels TRIP Monitor vs Dell s2421hs Monitor 

Dell s2421hs monitor has mild colour accuracy and is suitable for business purposes. Other than the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor, it offers a good heights adjustment facility. Both of the monitors don’t have any speakers. It is a decent monitor. The image quality and build design of the monitor is decent. It has good pre- calibration results. The screen size of the monitor is quite big in comparison to the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor.  Both the monitor offer the same resolution.

Thought on Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable Monitor

After reading the reviews, it might have cleared that the monitor doesn’t have any superb features. Mobile Pixel TRIO Monitor just carries some of the basic features. You are recommended to buy this monitor only if you are using it for simple purposes. It is not designed to match the pace of excellent gamers. If you don’t need a triple setup then you can go for a dual setup of the same type.

The article also described the alternatives to this monitor so, if you are not satisfied with the features of the mobile Pixels TRIO monitor then you can go for them.

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