Top 7 Adobe Illustrator (AI) Tools for a Kick-Start

Yes, Adobe Illustrator is one of the splendid designing tools that works artistically when it comes to vector -artwork. Whenever you decided to retain the best outcomes for your art-related works, then AI is the thing that you need to get right now. Adobe Illustrator is always the best option, but if you want to convert PNG to an AI illustrator file, then you have to begin your work with the simple online PNG to AI converter online. 

In this informative context, you people learn about the Basic Tools of Adobe Illustrator (AI) that assist you naturally in creating artwork. 

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Selection Tool(V):

Well, the selection tool is typically considered to choose any shape or object on the given document window. If you want to select multiple objects or a single shape simultaneously, then make a click on the selection tool and tap on the Shift key, then make click on as many shapes as you want to choose. Remember that the shortcut key for the selection tool is V. Moreover, if you want to manipulate PNG raster images to AI vector files, then a free PNG to AI converter by lets you turn PNG into AI without compromising on quality. 

Apart from that, in case if you selected a shape accidentally, then don’t fret. All you need to tap on a particular shape again and it will be deselected swiftly. 

Direct Selection Tool (A):

This is another AI tool that assists you in extending the edges of the existing shape to form a new shape swiftly. Bear in mind that this tool is placed very next to the above-discussed selection tool in the provided tool panel. The (A) is indicated as the shortcut key for this tool. But what if your graphic projects need AI vector images and you already designed your graphic works within PNG raster files? Quit worrying and thanks to an online PNG to AI converter program that takes less than a minute to convert multiple PNG files at once to AI vector images. 

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Magic Wand Tool (Y):

This can be the most effective tool when it comes to choosing shapes and objects with simpler attributes. You could use Magic Wand Tool if your concern involves time-saving. Now, there’s no need of choosing similar shapes one by one individually, this tool can do it all with a single tap. However, you can get the great opportunity of converting PNG files to AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector format with the assistance of an online PNG to AI converter online. 

Make a tap on the Magic tool or simply press Y, then simply click on an object and even other objects that are with similar attributes to the selected object for the entire selection. Also, this tool lets you edit those objects simultaneously. 

Lasso Tool (Q):

This is indicated as another version of the Selection tool. It assists you effectively in the selection of more than one shape or object. You could make click on the Lasso Tool and Drag the tool on the shapes that you aim to select. This tool simply works best for the selection of objects and shapes. To find this tool, you simply ahead next to the magic wand tool in the given tool panel. Also, sometimes you people need to convert PNG to AI for different graphical representations, this is where you have to stick with the best PNG to AI converter for ease. 

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Pen Tool (P):

The pen tool is referred to as the most commonly used tool in the Adobe Illustrator program. At the start, this tool might be seeming daunting, but later on, you will highly enjoy its use of this tool. If you don’t know how to transform PNG images into vector Ai, then account with an online PNG to AI converter and let it solve your image file conversion program in a matter of seconds. 

Bear in mind the Pen tool works tremendously in drawing something by creating paths. However, Paths are indicated as the lines with two endpoints known as anchors and these anchors have two handles that work best in reshaping the object. 

Curvature Tool(Shift+~):

You can find the Curvature Tool in the provided tool panel very next to the Pen tool. When you want to provide a smooth curve to a path, then this is the tool that works best for your artwork. You can be able to create any form of shape with the assistance of the Curvature tool.

Type Tool (T):

If you want to add text to your artwork or image, then start using this tool right now. Even if your text is packed within PNG format and you want to convert it into an AI vector graphic file, then an online PNG to AI converter makes accurate sense for particular conversions. 

However, there are different sub-tools under Type Tool that you can fetch by right-clicking on the type tool icon. You could easily type a single line text or a paragraph text with the assistance of this tool right now. 

To type Normal Text:

  • You just have to make click on the type tool and very next click on the artboard

For Paragraph Text:

  • You have to choose the Type tool and then simply move the pointer to the given artboard and with the help of left-clicking, simply drag to form a rectangle or square shape to add text. You can be able to adjust the shape as per text and even align the text corresponding to your need.
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