Canva Pro Price | Is It Value For Money Or Not?

Canva pro price – when thinking about the creative design for every type of work then, then we are going for Canva why? This is the best platform where you will get your own custom design for your work.

If you are a blogger or YouTuber, Digital Marketer, Graphic designer, Freelancer, Pinterest design, and many such works that need a catchy info-graphic for your content.

When you create content then you will do your 100% on producing quality content for your audience or clients, so you need a place where you can create your thumbnails, banner, presentation, and posters for content.

Canva is the best platform for custom thumbnails, banners, posters, social media design, and other stuff, here you will get power full tools to create an infographic.

There are lots of templates, photos, elements, and text formats available there, so all needy things are available to create a graphic for your image.

Canva offers free and paid plans for the customer, you can use a free plan but there are some restrictions to getting unlimited photos, more templates, and elements.

Canva Pro Price | Free or Paid Which Is Best For You

The free plan of Canva is still good for those who use images to just update their social profile or just for entertainment, so the free plan is almost best for you but if you are a professional then you have to go for the Canva pro plan.

For free you are not getting the high-resolution design from Canva, so in this term, you need to upgrade your account to pro,

And in pro, you will get all features from Canva so there is no comparison between free and paid.

If you are still confused about the price so let’s talk about the prices on the pro plan-

canva pricing
canva pricing

In the screenshot, you can see the difference between the free and pro plan features. But you can clearly see the price starts from 9.95$, almost 10$ per month but you can get all tools, and all premium features on the plan so the price is very good for the pro plan.

Find out what is your requirement for your work and then select the plan, but if you are professional then the Pro plan is best for you. If you decided to purchase the pro plan you can purchase it below, by clicking on the button

Features And Tools You Will Get On Pro Plan

In pro or enterprise plans on Canva, you will get full access to Canva. All essential tools are available, You will get 60,000+ templates, and 60M+ images, and export in different formats like – GIF, video, PDF, and PNG.

You can upload your photos, and videos on your images, export your images in a transparent background, and have lots of features on the plan.

A-Pro plan is best for any type of work, so if you are thinking to buy the pro plan then you can purchase it from here.


Creating an infographic is now very easy, and if you are going with Canva then you will get all tools for creating catchy images for your content. In this post, we discussed the price and features of Canva free and Pro plans, and which is best for you.

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