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How To Enable Dark Mode In Google Play Store App

How to enable dark mode in Google play store

Recently Google rollout dark mode feature in Google play store. So here you learn about how to enable dark mode in Google play store in android.

Google now days rollout dark theme features on there all important app. So recently Google Play Store go on dark mode feature.

So i will show you how this feature is work and how to enable it. You know play store have million of apps in there store so dark mode is helpful to our eyes and also our phones battery.

Enable Dark Mode On Google Play Store In Android

Google Play Store dark mode
Google Play Store Dark Mode

Google already rollout dark background theme on Google photos , google-chrome, Google keep, Google Calendar app.

Dark theme on play store is looking so nice and comfortable to view its eyes friendly and battery friendly.

Dark mode is a black background theme that’s give you best viewing experience, specially in AMOLED screens.

Its help to optimise your battery life because black theme is always battery friendly, so reduce the power consumption on your phone.

Can Dark Mode Really Helps To Your Phones Draining Battery Problem?

Yes, it helps to your battery performance specially in AMOLED or OLED displays. Because the lighting system is fully depends on per pixel, when necessary pixels are on and off.

So its give you best viewing experience in your phone. Pixels are pff when a black theme applied on background.

And when your pixels are off your battery performance is on top, its help a lit to your battery life and specially for our eyes.

Guide To Get Dark Mode On Your Google Play Store App

So, if you like the dark mode then read this instruction and enable dark mode in play store,

So nothing to do to enable this feature in your play store app its automatically gets a black theme on your app.

If you can’t get this feature then open your play store and see if your play service are not updated, update your play support library or like this update.

You see you got automatically dark mode in your play store app.

Conclusion :

Dark mode is eyes friendly and battery friendly feature. Black theme is always cool looking and best viewing experience. Google is working on other app to give dark theme on them, so wait and you give lot more features from team Google.

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