How To Enable Google Cal Dark Mode

How To Enable Google Cal Dark Mode – Google’s calendar app is one of the important apps on your Android phone, if you don’t know how to enable dark mode in the Google Calendar Android app then read this post completely,

I will share with you the step-by-step guide to enabling Google Calendar Dark Mode, you need to just follow the quick steps below.

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Quick Steps – How To Enable Google Cal Dark Mode

The dark mode is changed the viewing experience in every app, and if you are using an AMOLED screen phone then you will save lots of battery, so let’s talk about how you can turn on dark mode on your Google calendar Android app. Let’s read this post to turn on the dark theme on your calendar app.

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To use a dark theme on your app, follow these steps –

1. Update your app

If you are using an old version of Google Calendar then you need to update the app first and if you have already updated your app then go to the next step

2. Go to settings

When you update your app then open the app and go to settings, by clicking on the left bar, and you can see the settings option at the last of the page.

3. Click on general settings

the next step is to go to the general settings option, now finally you can see the theme option below,

4. Set to dark option

Here you can see three options, the first is light, the second is dark, and the third is the battery-saver mode, choose the dark option and your page will automatically change to a dark theme.

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The dark theme is looking so great, you can save battery, and also it’s good for your eyes, If you like this guide then subscribe to our newsletters for upcoming post notifications in your inbox.

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