Search Google Or Type A URL – The Right Path

If you are confused about which is better search Google or type a URL in the Google search bar. So in this post, you will learn about these two simple differences between searching Google or typing a URL in your browser search bar.

If you searching for a query on Google then you have to search that query on Google search then you get your answer.

On Google here, lots of questions and their answer is available so if you have a question

about any topic then you search on Google, and then you get your useful answer on the website.

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Search Google Or Type A URL ? Know the difference

Google search bar
Google search bar

You visit that particular website and your question is solved on that particular site. This is type 1 of search and the other way,

You have a website address and you know as well your questions answered are here so in this case you have to type your URL in the search bar of any browser.

And this is type 2 of searching on Google for your quick answer.

Google Search Google Or Type A URL And Which Is Better?

It totally depends on you what you want, if you want questions and answers that are available on only a particular website then,

You go for Type a URL so that you visit where you want to go. And if you don’t know any particular website then you type your question on the search bar.

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One more thing is that many people search on Google for “google’ This is stupid don’t do this.

Type your query or directly visit a particular website by typing a URL in the search bar that’s an easier way to find your questions answers.

Both using Google search and typing a URL into the search bar have their own advantages and purposes. Let’s explore both options:

Using Google Search:

  1. Convenience: Google is a powerful search engine that can quickly provide relevant results for a wide range of queries. You don’t need to remember or type the full URL; you can simply type keywords related to what you’re looking for.
  2. Discoverability: If you’re looking for information but aren’t sure which specific website to visit, Google search can help you discover new sources and websites that might have the information you need.
  3. Speed: Google’s predictive search and autofill features can save time by offering suggestions as you type, often reducing the need for typing the entire query.
  4. Correction: If you make a typo in your search query, Google can often correct it and still provide relevant results.

Typing a URL in the Search Bar:

  1. Direct Access: If you already know the specific website you want to visit, typing the URL directly into the search bar can be faster than going through a search engine. This method bypasses the step of searching and clicking on a search result.
  2. Bookmarking: If you frequently visit a particular website, typing its URL is a straightforward way to access it. You can also bookmark the website for even quicker access in the future.
  3. Privacy: Sometimes, you might have concerns about your search query being tracked by search engines. By typing a URL directly, you can avoid this potential tracking.
  4. Exactness: Typing a URL ensures that you reach the specific website you intended, without relying on search engine algorithms to deliver the correct result.

In summary, both methods have their merits depending on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for information broadly or aren’t sure of the exact website you need, using Google search is likely more suitable. If you know the exact website you want to visit, typing the URL directly is faster and more precise.

Conclusion :

In this post, I share a topic that I discussed searching your questions on Google or typing your URL and what is better for you so this is a small post but I define it in short.

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