Shutterstock Price India | Detailed Review 2021

Shutterstock price India

Shutterstock price India, detailed review of Shutterstock in 2021. Images are very important to all types of work, entertainment, and other purposes. If you run a website, YouTube channel, online or offline both businesses,

education relates, arts and design-related, and lots of areas that need stock photos, info-graphics, and stock videos for there projects, so this type of website provides stock images for every type of project and works for you.

Today images are very demanding item for every type of business or projects, If you are a student and you are working on a project, when you need a virtual background for your online meeting so you need stock photos for work,

a business that runs online or even offline their needs to find the best stock photos for advertisement purposes, the entertainment industry needs for marketing and other stuff.

If you are a blogger or YouTuber you need some stock photos for your content, If you run digital marketing services then you must have stock images for your campaign.

Stock image website helps you to get a brand new image for your project, and Shutterstock is one of them. Why Shutterstock is the best platform for stock images and videos? well many people saying that Shutterstock offers to high pricing but in reality, if you compare this website to any other website your all confusion was solved there.

Shutterstock Price India In 2021

If you want to buy stock photos for your project, firstly you need to decide that what is your requirements for projects and then select the plans in Shutterstock. If you need some images then a single user plan is best for you, but if you are working with your team on big projects then you can choose enterprise plans according to your requirements.

In India, if you are purchasing a plan from Shutterstock then you have to pay Rs. 373.78 per image by today’s currency exchange price*. If you purchasing a single user subscription then you have to pay Rs. 3,735 monthly for 10 branded images.

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If you run a company and you need a multi user plan then you can choose from their, you can contact Shutterstock for custom plans for your requiments.

In India, you have to pay Rs. 28,878 for 2 users and in this subscription you will get 750 images per month. You can also purchase the on-demand subscription for your projects. You can contact with Shutterstock team for your custom plan.

Compare these prices to other websites you can see the difference, Shutterstock is a trusted website, provides the best photos for every category that you need. If you finding alternatives to Shutterstock then these are option to create your own design.

Why Shutterstock Is The Best Platform For Stock Images?

The Shutterstock contributors, who provide the images on Shutterstock, their photo approved by the team very carefully because Shutterstock is doesn’t compromise with the quality of images and videos. So you will get full creativity and a brand new image for your project. If you are a photographer then you can also make money from Shutterstock, So how it works? let me explain-

If you are a passionate photographer and you have great photography skills, then Shutterstock is only for you, You need a contributor account on Shutterstock and start uploading images and when a user downloads your photos you will get paid.

If you want to make money by selling your photos on Shutterstock then firstly create a contributor account, you can create a contributor account, then select which types of photos do you upload on Shutterstock.

And finally start uploading images on the platform, you can check your performance and improve your profile by regularly uploading images.


Shutterstock is the best platform that provides stock photos for every type of project, If you need stock photos you need to buy a subscription plan according to your requirements. In this post, we are discussed about the price of Shutterstock stock photos in India, and give detailed explanations and reviews of prices of different types of subscriptions and their prices with the comparison.

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