Asus VG27AQL1A Review – G-Sync, DisplayHDR, 170Hz

If you are planning to buy a monitor, then your preference and need Should match the feature of the monitor. Here we have a detailed review of Asus vg27aql1a that gives you a clear picture of the monitor’s functioning its, pons and cons. So check the further detail listed below-

Key Specification

Screen size- 27 inches

G-SYNC compatible- yes

Aspect Rate- 169

Panel technology- IPS panel

Resolution- 2569*1440

Variable refresh rate- Adaptive-Sync

Refresh Rate- 170 Hz

Contrast Rate- 1000:1

Weight- 6.7 kg

VESA comparability- yes

Dimension- 24.21″ x 15.95″ x 8.57″

Response Time- 1ms MPRT

The Asus vg27aql1a comes with excellent features that make it perfect for gaming, for office use. It is a multi-tasking ability that provides you with the convenience to work.

Some of the features of the laptop include a high refresh rate, low response time, better contract ratio, big screen size, ergonomic technology, G-SYNC compatibility, effective color gamut, and many more. For a detailed, review keep reading this article


The Asus vg27aql1a has some great features that make it a multitasking laptop. The monitors come with IPS panel technology that offers good picture quality than TN panels.

The refresh rate of 170 Hz and screen size of 27 inches enhances the experience of the exclusive game player. It provides 16.7 million color options and a good ergonomic feature that provides good image quality both vertically and horizontally.

Asus VG27AQL1A
Asus VG27AQL1A

The laptop has decent HDR and meets the DisplayHDR 400 standard. Asus vg27aql1a has Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync technology that helps adaptive-Sync technology and motion blur reduction to work simultaneously for proving the gamer’s super-smooth gaming function.

This laptop is the better successor of VG27AQ and caned with a better-revamped design that makes it more attractive than previous models.

Along with the monitor, you will get comes connectivity that enhances your, work quality and offer you to work easily. The connectivity includes headphones, two HDMI, Display ports, etc. To know more detail about the monitor, you should read the full review-

Build and Design

The building design of this monitor doesn’t disappoint you. The plastic used in it is sturdy and thick and you don’t find any defect in its corner. The layout of the monitor helps the users to work on it easily. For OSD it provides provide multi-directional joystick. Along with that, you will get some shortcut keys for making setting adjustments.

Asus VG27AQL1A Back
Asus VG27AQL1A Back

The design of the monitor is highly attractive. From three sides the monitor is bezel-free which makes it look bigger. The Asus vg27aql1a comes with a new stand design. Although the monitor is known as a gaming monitor it also looks perfect for office setup.

The monitor has a V-shaped stand that provides you with enough space for placing the keyboard and mouse. The matte finish design gives it an attractive look and hence enhances the charm of your drawing room.

Image quality

The Asus vg27aql1a provides excellent picture quality and provides sharp and clear visualization of the image. The screen of the monitor is 27 inches and is based on IPS panel technology. The contrast rate of the monitor is also low which is common for IPS panels.

The black light can be adjusted to 400cd/m² while the contrast rate will be Consistent at 1000:1. However, this monitor is unable to provide accurate HDR visuals. The black appears to be a ray when you look in a dark room.

The pixel density of the monitor provides sharp image quality, even the microscopic text appears clear to make the monitor suitable for browsing and processing documents. The more advantageous feature upgraded is wide color gamut coverage which reaches 124% sRGB and P3 of 96%.

The color accuracy of the box is excellent and the monitor should be kept at 6500k points which results in providing balance to view images on white background.

However, this monitor lacks HDR performance because of its backlight and contrast function. The ergonomic feature of this monitor is great as you can adjust the viewing angle. The horizontal and vertical angles also provide accuracy in viewing the image.


The features present in the Asus VG27AQL1A help it perform well. The response time of the monitor is great and has a refresh rate of 170Hz. For smooth motion, it’s beneficial to keep it at the overdrive setting of 60 which results in a smooth motion. The flicker-free technology protects against eye strain.

The refresh rate of the monitor is incredible and also supports FreeSync technology. Because of its big size, you can open various windows at the same time hence you can perform multiple works at a time. The high resolution of 2560*1440 ensures crispy and clear image quality.

Moreover, the monitor performs flawlessly with its excellent features and help game player to enhance their gaming experience as well as helps the photographer edit their photos and create documents easily.


The monitor comes with DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0, and audio outputs.


Attractive design

2560*1440 resolution

G-SYNC/FreeSync technology

Wide color gamut coverage

Color accuracy is excellent


Limited connectivity options.

Price Trends

Asus VG27AQL1A Price Trends





If you like the features of this monitor Then you also like its alternative options. We have discussed some other monitors for comparison. Let’s take a look at below alternative options with a quick comparison.

1. Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T

Samsung is a renowned brand among other monitors. Samsung and Asus monitor both share similar features and are gaming monitors. However, there is some dissimilarity among them. The Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T has better features than the Asus monitor. The response time of the Samsung monitor is excellent and provides clear image quality even in fast-moving Scenes.

The refresh rate is 240 Hz which is higher than the Asus monitor having a refresh rate of 170 Hz although, for the casual game player, it’s unnoticeable.

The Asus monitor uses an IPS panel that offers a better viewing angle. The monitor of Asus is available in only 27 inches in size and Samsung has the option of both 27 inches and 32 inches.

Both the monitor has a modern design and looks attractive. Both monitors contain a bezel on three sides of the screen. The ergonomics of both monitors are excellent you can adjust the angle as per your needs.

2. ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQ

The Asus vg27aql1a and ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQ both monitors are both known for their gaming features but Asus ROG Strix XG27AQ offers better features than Vg27aql1a. the reflection handling of this monitor is excellent and provide a smoother view of moving object.

The monitor is known for faster response time at its Max refresh rate. The color accuracy of this monitor is also brilliant and gives clear image quality. Although its downside is its HDR performance if it’s important for you for playing games.

Both monitors have a good SDR color gamut and good ergonomics. However, XG27AQ has less accuracy in viewing images which makes it unsuitable for a professional photographer.

3. Samsung Odyssey G5 S27AG50

The Samsung Samsung Odyssey G5 S27AG50 and Asus monitor both support gaming features. Having a resolution of 1440p both monitor supports the IPS panel. Samsung has a higher refresh rate of 165 Hz while the Asus monitor has 170 Hz.

Because of Samsung’s quicker response time, it has better motion handling capacity at its Max refresh rate of 60Hz. Although the Asus has a local dimming feature and an in-built speaker both are lacking in the Samsung monitor. Range wise the Samsung Odyssey G5 S271AG50 is a better option.

Both monitors have gaming feature that makes them perfect for gameplay and also for office use. Due to the great screen size, both monitor facilities open multiple windows at the same time.

4. LG 27GL850-B

LG monitor is known for providing excellent features. But the Asus monitor is better than the LG monitor. The Asus provide better ergonomics, refresh rate, a BFI feature, and supports HDR. However, the response time of LG is better than Asus and provides better out-of-the-box color accuracy. Both monitors have gaming features and can be used for multi-tasking work.

The design of both monitors is decent and can provide a charming look to your drawing room. The LG monitor stands wobble a little on the other hand Asus monitor stand doesn’t wobble. Both have V-shaped stands made so you can keep your mouse and keyboard in front of the monitor easily.

Thoughts on Asus VG27AQL1A

For multitasking, this monitor is beneficial for users. The other thing that attracts me is its design and features, features, image quality, and performance. This model is better than its previous models and will not disappoint you. The IPS screen gives fantastic image quality. Moreover, its fast response time, amazing refresh rate, color gamut, HDR, and 1440p resolution make it ideal for multitasking. It is one of the best options if you love gaming.

Before buying this monitor you must look at the alternative option discussed above. Check the purpose of buying the monitor and select the best which suits your need and preferences.

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