How To Change Your Chrome Browser’s Background In PC

Change chrome browser background

How to change background of your chrome browser, If you surfing the web through the popular chrome browser and want to change the background theme or colour of the browser

then this post will help you to activate that feature by doing simple task on your browser.

For web surfing we use many types of browser but almost every person like Google Chrome

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because of the great timely update, smooth interface, secure, speed and other reasons.

If you are bored by seeing daily the default background interface and don’t know how to change this

then here shared some tips to change the interface of the browser so please read this post completely.

How To Change Your Chrome Browser’s Background

For changing the home interface of the chrome you need a very simple step to get this feature on your chrome desktop browser , In this feature you can change the background to your own images or you can download the best wallpaper from the web so let’s get strated..

Step.1 Open your Chrome browser

chrome homepage
chrome homepage

Step.2 Click on the customize icon

chrome browser backgrounda

Step.3 upload your wallpaper or choose below

Change chrome browser background

Finally, now you can change your background basic color to a beautiful color or theme from there so if you want to add custom wallpaper then you can upload directly from the upload from your computer option.

Can I Change The Background Of The Chrome Browser Application On Android?

No, this feature only available on the desktop so you cannot change the background on your Android app, in future this available so you have to wait for it.


In this post, we shared some information about how to change Chrome browser background, how to enable this option, and how to customize this and other tips so if this post is helpful then share this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then comment down below.

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