How To Clear Cache On Chrome Within Few Minutes

How to clear browser cache on chrome browser on your desktop or smartphone, In this post you will learn how to clear browser cache on your Chrome browser within few minutes.

Every browser store user’s recently visited website’s, images, JavaScript for gives you the best user experience,

When you visit those websites that you visited recently than the browser will load that particular site faster and loading the images on the website is also load faster,

because of browser already stored recently visited site information to their memory to gives you the best browsing experience.

Browser store these information as cache memory, When you need to clear these cache you can do this by going to browser settings, so in this post, I will talking about the Chrome browser,

Clear Browser Cache On Chrome Browser On Desktop

If you are using a desktop and want to clear your browser cache, then follow these simple steps –

Step 1. Open Chrome Settings

three dots option on Chrome browser

open the browser and when you are on your home screen you can see the three dot icon on your right sidebar, just click on the three dots icon to open Chrome settings.

Step 2. Go To Privacy And Security

clear browsing cache on chrome

In your Chrome settings you can clearly see the Privacy and Security option, click on this option or just scroll down your page then you can see the “Clear Browsing Data” Option under Privacy and security.

Step 3. Clear Cache And Cookies

clear browsing data on chrome browser

After going to privacy and security, click on a clear browsing data option and here you can select the time range and select the boxes and let’s click on the clear data option.

This guide is for the desktop user’s but if you want to clear the cache on your smartphone then how you can do it, so let’s go

How To Clear Cache In Chrome Browser On Your Smartphone

To clear your cookies and cache on your Chrome mobile app, then follow these steps –

Open Chrome App

Firstly you need to open your Chrome mobile app. When you are home screen let’s go to settings by navigating to the right side of your Chrome mobile app.

chrome settings on mobile app

Open Privacy Settings

After going to settings on your mobile app your next step is to go to privacy settings on the Chrome app, you can see the privacy option on your settings.

Privacy settings on Chrome

Clear Browsing Cache

On privacy settings, you have four options over there and below you can see the clear browsing data option, just go there and clear your browser cache and cookies.

clear browsing cache on chrome mobile app


In this post you learned, how to clear the cache on your desktop and mobile version of Google Chrome browser, if you like this post then share, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters for upcoming new posts.

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