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5 Best Handwriting To Text App For Your Android/iPhone In 2021

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5 best handwriting-to-text app for your mobile phone in 2021. if you are looking for any app that allows you to convert your handwriting to text format very easily.

In this post you can find the best 5 best text converter app for your mobile phone.

in this post, I shared some app that gives you to convert handwriting to text very easily so read this small post completely.

In the app market there are many apps are available but in this list i will share some trusted and popular app that you can use without any worry.

Top 5 Best Handwriting To Text App For Your Mobile Phone In 2021

Many apps exist in the Google play store for your smartphone but many apps leak your personal data and sell them to third-party company so you have to aware of these types of apps so I listed the trusted and popular app below.

1.Google handwriting input:

google handwriting input

This is all time popular app to convert your handwriting format to text format very easily. You can use this app for your work. This app has many language supports so don’t worry about the language problems so go ahead and download the app now and use it.

2.Pen to print:

pen to print

This is another all time popular app for convert your handwriting format to text format very easily so you can download this app from play store. It has many features like you can scan your handwriting by help of this app and also you can store your data on there cloud service and keep the notes as you wish.



This is third app in our list for converting your handwriting format to text format. It has great feature of spelling mistakes so if you do any spelling mistakes on your writing format this will help you to highlight what you do mistakes while writing or handwriting text.

4. Myscript nebo:

myscript nebo

This is another very good app for hand writing to text format within a seconds. this app is available on only for iphone users so if you a iphone then this app for you. Taking quick notes and manage that note to icloud storage. You can edit on text and manage beautifully in your icloud storage.

5.Note plus:

note plus

This is available only on iphone, for iphone users this app is very useful and you can also do writing text or handwriting on this app. If you are android users then above three apps are for you and other are for iphone users so choose yourself what was your preference.


In this post i shared some popular and trusted app that you can covert your handwriting format to text format. So if this post is helpful for you then share this post to your nearby friends and family members so they can know about this type of interesting app.

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