Check-Plagiarism Review

Check-Plagiarism is a comprehensive platform from which you can access multiple tools related to the writing field. It has become one of those top-rated tools providing platforms that need attention because of efficient working. 

From this platform, you can access multiple tools with a single click. We have used this tool for critical analysis and checked all of its features. The tool is free for basic users and you need to buy its subscription for extensive or advanced usage. 

Let’s get a look at the top tools offered by Check-Plagiarism

Tools by Check-Plagiarism 

The platform is providing more than 10 tools for multiple tasks that come to your writing career. Here we have enlisted the top 3 tools that we have found the best of others in our research. 

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Plagiarism Checker

As the name shows the platform was started by targeting the plagiarism checker only. Its plagiarism checker is one of the best choices available on the internet. 

You can check for plagiarism online without any hurdles. First of all, you need to insert the text inside the text insertion box or upload the file by tapping on the Select File button 

Once you have done with the data insertion, you need to tap on the Check Plagiarism button. The tool has been designed with a fine algorithm to work faster than your expectations. 

Check-plagiarism tool
Check-plagiarism tool

It will compare your text with billions of web pages and display the results on your screen. With its separated tabs for plagiarized and unique content, you can easily get an eye on them with a single click. 

Along with this, the tool will give you source links to help you in checking whether your lines are available there or not. By using this tool, you can check plagiarism in 2000 words in a single turn. 

plagiarized and non plagiarized text
plagiarized and non-plagiarized text

You can also increase the word count limit up to 20000 by subscribing to its premium version. Overall, the tool has been designed with a fine interface and its comparison is effective too. 

But it has some issues too that we are going to show you in the following lines. 


  • No login or registration required
  • Simple interface to understand 
  • One tap plagiarism checking feature 
  • No advertisement banners
  • Keyword Density Calculation 


  • Limited word count 
  • No advanced features like URL excluding 
  • Paraphrase Tool 

Another efficient and effective tool offered by Check-Plagiarism is its paraphrasing tool. The best feature of this tool is the multi-lingual paraphrasing feature. 

In simple words, the tool can be used to rewrite content written in many other languages in addition to English. You can easily choose the language in which your content is written by tapping on the dropdown menu. 

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Along with this, the tool has a dual working mode that you can choose as per your work requirements. You can whether choose its “Simple Mode” or “AI Mode” to rewrite your text as per the sensitivity of the task. 

paraphrasing tool
paraphrasing tool

The tool follows 4 steps to rewrite your content and show you a final copy. In the first step, you need to insert the text in the given box. You can also attach a file from your device by tapping on the given option. 

In the second step, the tool will process your given text. After processing, it will display the text with some highlighted words in different colors under Step 3. 

You can tap on the colored words to check the suggested words and replace them if you think the replacement has not been done properly. Once you have done this, you need to tap on the Next button. 

paraphrasing tool options
paraphrasing tool options

The tool will then take you to the final step where you will be shown two buttons to download the file in document or text format. All in all, the tool has been designed efficiently as well as accurately to rewrite your content without changing the core meanings. 


  • Fast working 
  • AI algorithm to understand the concept 
  • Manual replacement availability 
  • Step-by-step working 
  • Multi-lingual working 
  • Direct Grammar Checking and Plagiarism Checking buttons


  • Limited Word Count in AI mode 
  • No Preview of the Final text 
  • Edit Pad

We all know that writing needs some tools one of which text editor is the most important. Check-plagiarism is offering a free text editor with a complete formatting menu. 

With this tool, you can work normally as you do with any other word-processing program. But the advanced feature is that you can check for grammar mistakes directly in this tool. 

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In offline programs, you may have seen that some options are hidden under the main option. You can resolve this problem by using this text editor as it has all the basic options available instead of being hidden behind any menu bar. 

Edit Pad
Edit Pad

Additionally, the tool has a preview button with which you can get an idea how what your text will look like. This editor has been designed for all types of writing ranging from blog writing to subject-specific writing. 

Due to this, some specific symbols and characters have been given in its menu bar. So, you can easily tap on them and accomplish your task without any issues or hurdles. 

All in all, this text editor has all the basic as well as advanced features to format the content. Last but not least, you can also download your text in PDF or document format with a single tap. 


  • Extensive menu bar 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Multiple tools integration 
  • One tap downloading 


  • Smaller display 

Is it worth buying a subscription to Check-Plagiarism?

There are many other tools in addition to above mentioned on Check-Plagiarism. Most tools are free to use for basic purposes. But you should need to buy its subscription if you want to use any of its tools extensively. 

Its premium subscription is absolutely worth buying if you are a writer and looking to work smoothly. The tools that you will get in your package will help you a lot in dealing with different tasks related to your work. 

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Final Thoughts 

Check-Plagiarism is one of the best platforms that we have analyzed ever. You will find all your concerned writing tools in a single platform. We recommend you use this tool for free and then buy its subscription if you also like it. 

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