How To Find My Elementary School Teacher Online

Our teachers can have a lasting impact on our lives. There are dozens of celebrities and athletes that have credited inspiring teachers with their success. It’s no wonder that so many people are asking the question: How can I find my elementary school teacher? 

If you want to find a former teacher and get in touch, there are easy and affordable ways to do so! 

Why would you want to find an old elementary school teacher?

Our elementary school years are our formative years. They can make or break us and shape our lives for better or for worse. Having said that, before you try to find a teacher from elementary school or to find your old high school teacher, you have to spend some time examining your motives. 

elementary school teacher
School Teacher

If you had a positive experience and want to tell your teacher what their kind words of encouragement meant to you – go for it! Many teachers remember every single student they’ve ever had and would welcome the feedback. Teaching is one of the hardest professions in the world,

and your kind words will go a long to keeping your old teacher motivated and satisfied in their careers. Everyone likes knowing that they’ve had a positive impact on the world. You might even want to get a few of your old classmates to add their own messages or notes to pass on to your teacher. 

If you’ve had a bad experience and want to confront your teacher, you should take a step back and reconsider. Even if your teacher remembers what they said or did to upset you, they might have their reasons for doing or saying what they did – good or bad. They might deny your allegations, or react in a verbally abusive or accusatory way.

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Take a little time to ask yourself what you hope to achieve by looking for this teacher. Do you want to confront them? Extract an apology? Get closure? Forgive them? Talk about these feelings with a therapist or a close friend. You might not be able to get what you need from the interaction. 

While we should always hold educators to a higher standard, acknowledge that they are human and prone to making mistakes. Remember, you don’t always need to confront someone to achieve closure and move on from the pain you experience at the hands of another person. 

How do I find my elementary school teacher online?

If you want to find your old elementary teacher, start online. Most people have some sort of digital footprint. A LinkedIn page, a Facebook profile, or a Twitter handle is the best way to get in touch directly.

You should also visit your old school’s website to see if your teacher is still teaching. There might even be an article or mention of their retirement or a farewell announcement that can provide clues about their whereabouts. 

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Try getting in touch with your old principal and explaining why you are reaching out. They might have a last known address or phone number you can use. You could also reach out to the person in charge of organizing school reunions as they usually keep up-to-date records. 

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If that fails, you can use a public records search. There are free public record search sites, but the information they provide is usually pretty limited. Look for a paid site that combines social media and public record searches. There will be a fee, but the information will be more detailed and you’ll probably be able to secure contact information. 

All you will need is their full names, surname, and any other information about where they are located, e.g. cities where they’ve lived in the past. This will present you with lots of information you can use to track down your previous teacher. 


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could find my elementary school teacher and tell them what they’ve meant to me,” stop wishing and start looking! Public record search sites make it easier than ever to be your own private detective and to find the person you are looking for. Chances are, your teacher would love to hear from you!

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