Dell S2419HGF Monitor Review

Dell S2419HGF Review – Are you in search of a decent gaming monitor for a long time? 24 Dell S2419HGF Monitor is one of the best options you can choose, As we know Dell is the most populous brand if we talk about ergonomics. And generally best for office use. Buying a Dell monitor is generally a safe decision.

The build and design of the monitor are standard and amazing. The response rate of the monitor is quite well. The monitor has got good ratings in screen quality, gaming, and value of money, But the viewing angle is not so satisfying for an accurate image we have to sit straight in front of the monitor.

So, overall it’s a very good monitor, You can purchase it for decent gaming, keep reading the article to know more about The 24 inch Dell S2419HGF Monitor.


Screen size- 24 inches(60 cm)

Screen Resolution- 1920×1080 pixels(1080p FHD)

Max Refresh Rate- 144 Hz

Weight- 9.41 lb (4.27 kg)

Response Time- 1 ms

Dimensions (L×W×H)- 61.21 cm × 5.59 cm × 36.07 cm

Brand- Dell

Colour- Black

Model Number-S2419HGF

Pixel type- TN

Width- 9.7″ (24.6 cm)

Depth- 7.3″ (18.5 cm)

Variable Refresh Rate- Free sync


Dell S2419HGF Monitor is a 24 inches monitor which has a high-resolution rate. The monitor has a good screen for playing games, It also has a TN panel that has a very fast response time. The monitor is famous for its text clarity and productivity, The monitor Design of the monitor is very decent and unique.

This monitor provides a very sturdy stand that supports the monitor very well and only allows minimal wobble, The monitor has pros as well cons, it depends on your buying purpose. It is a good monitor at an affordable price for basic use and gaming also.


The 24 inch Dell S2419HGF Monitor has a unique design than another monitor, The productivity of this monitor is very high. It supports FreeSync and gives a better gaming experience to the gamers over there, This monitor can be used for gaming and for other purposes like office use also. This one is for mixed usage, The Dell S2419HGF Monitor has an ordinary picture quality due to its low contrast ratio, lack of local dimming, and bad black uniformity.

The Dell S2419HGF Monitor front view
Dell S2419HGF

It has a max Refresh rate of 144Hz and it also supports free sync for boolean gaming. The input lag of the monitor is low which makes the monitor suitable for gaming purposes, also low input lagging is the demand of every gamer.

The view angle of the monitor is not so satisfying, The quality of the text is dependent on the mounting sides of the screen. All these features make this Dell S2419HGF monitor the most attractive and demanded gaming monitor, Overall it is a decent monitor for mixed usage.

If we talk about office use this Dell S2419HGF is suitable for office use, its 24-inch screen size and 1080p resolution might not be good enough for multitasking but this monitor is best for word processing and email correspondence. But you might face difficulty sharing work with colleagues because the view angle is not so satisfying, And for gaming purposes, this is the most recommended monitor.

Build and Design

The monitor has a very well-built stand and a better adjustment range, It supports the monitor well. The height adjustment of this monitor is 5.4″. There should be no issues faced by the consumers placing the monitor in a comfortable position.

Monitor side view
Dell S2419HGF side

There is no curve or curve radius, This monitor provides a flat screen, The weight of the monitor is 4.28 kgs. The back of the monitor is made of plastic and looks more attractive and fairly plain, For the Cable management, the stand provides a hole. The backside of the monitor is stylish in look, If we came forward this monitor has a thick border of around 2 cm.

 Monitor back side
Dell S2419HGF Back

Although the thickness of the monitor is 12.2 cm with a stand and the stand is a little tilted, The monitor also offers local dimming features. The build quality of Dell S2419 HGF is so unique and attractive. The construction of this entire monitor is sturdy.

Image Quality

The contrast ratio of the monitor is not so good, It’s disappointing as expected from the TN monitor. The native contrast is 928:1 and the contrast with local dimming is N/A.The grey color looks black in the darkroom, The monitor has a fine brightness and it is fit for indoor viewing.

There should not be any issues faced regarding its brightness level, its viewing angle is not so good. This monitor does have local dimming features, The Dell S2419HGF doesn’t support HDR. As compared to other TN monitors, this monitor also has an average horizontal viewing angle. I suggest Acer Nitro and other Dell Monitors for better viewing angles.

Moving forward, if we talk about vertical viewing angle. As for the other TN monitors, from looking above the images looks slightly large and if we see from below the image is completely inaccurate because of this the picture of the upper part looks darker. The gray uniformity is good for this monitor and like other TN monitors the black uniformity is worst.

we can only notice clouding the screen when we are watching dark scenes in the Darkrooms. The color accuracy is only in grays and colors but most of the time it is unnoticed by the people, this monitor has an excellent color gamut.

As the HDR is not supported in this monitor, the HDR color and Gamut are also not supported. If we talk about the gradient of this monitor, it is excellent. This monitor has 8- bit color depth but is hardly noticeable. The reflection of this Dell S2419HGF is excellent. Although the monitor has good image quality.


The monitor has a native refresh rate of 120Hz. It supports FreeSync and has low input lagging, when overclocked to 144hz the input lag mentioned 1080p is lower at 4.3ms. For gaming purposes, the native resolution of 1080p in a 24″ monitor is best. The response time of the monitor is 1ms, The monitor is a good choice for gamers.

There is 1 ( DP 1.4) display port available in this Dell S2419HGF monitor, There is no mini Display port available in this monitor, There are 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports. The monitor does give input such as DVI, VGA, and USB C.

One analog Audio out of 3.5 mm, one microphone In of 3.5 mm, There is no Digital optical Audio Out available. The power supply is also internal, There is no speaker available in this monitor nor even multiple input displays.

The 24 Dell S2419HGF gaming monitor is a less expensive gaming monitor which can be easily affordable for everyone, this monitor has quite impressive features which attract every gamer.


There are no additional and advanced features available on this monitor, For easy use, we will find all the control buttons on the right side of the monitor. Along with this monitor, we will get one HDMI cable, one power cable, USB-A to USB-B, and a user manual as well. The features of this monitor are good for gamers, It is one of the good basic monitors at an affordable rate.


Dell S2419HGF is a decent laptop for gamers.

The build quality of this monitor is unique.

This monitor has low input lag which is best for gamers.

This monitor has remarkable response timing of 1 ms.

This monitor has a high-resolution rate.


This monitor has bad black uniformity.

This monitor didn’t have a good viewing angle

 Dell S2419HGF Price Trends
Dell S2419HGF Price Trends



Let’s compare the Dell S2419HGF monitor with other monitors and differentiate their features from its alternative.

1. Dell S2419HGF vs Dell S2421

If we compare both the gaming monitors with each other, the Dell S2419 is a better choice than the Dell 2421, they both have different panel types. They both have the same screen size and resolution but S2419HGF has a 144Hz refresh rate which is more than S2421 and S2419 also has a better response rate, but they both have free sync. Both monitors are designed for gamers and for other purposes. s2421 is lighter than the s 2419hgf gaming monitor.

2. Dell S2419HGF vs LG24GL600F

The Dell S2419 is good as compared to LG 24GL600F, The Dell provides us with an adjustable stand in which we can set the monitor in a comfortable position. Both the monitor have a satisfying refresh rate and have the same screen size and resolution. The Dell S2419HGF is light in weight and it is a budget-friendly monitor for gamers, Dell also offers a very good color reproduction.

3. Dell S2419HGF vs Asus VG259QM

Asus TUF gaming VG 359QM is a good choice for gamers rather than Dell S2419hgf. It provides a better viewing angle and high refresh rate, and the Dell S2419 didn’t have a good viewing angle. The size of the screen is also bigger than S2419HGF.

Asus TUF VG35QM is also light in weight compared to Dell.

Thought on Dell S2419HGF

After reading the article and the reviews, it has been clear that the monitor has amazing and unique features which attract gamers, You are recommended to buy this laptop if you want a good and budget-free gaming decent monitor.

The article also describes the alternative of this monitor so, if you’re not satisfied with the features of Dell S2419hgf then you can go for others.

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