Dell D2719HGF Monitor Review

Dell D2719HGF review – Are you searching for a monitor that has all features that assist you in playing games and other work? Here have look at the detail reviewed about the dell D2719HGF that gives excellent features you need at a reasonable price. Let’s get detail about the monitor in further points.

Key features

Refresh Rate- 144Hz

Max screen resolution- 1920*1080 pixels

Product dimensions- 24.15 x 17.35 x 7.74 inches

Response Time- 2ms

Contrast Ratio- 1000:1

Screen size- 27 inches

Stand height-yes

Integrated speaker- yes

AMD FreeSync technology- yes

Item weight- 11.45 pounds


This monitor is designed for offering an excellent viewing experience along with enhancing the skill of gaming. It comes at an affordable price which includes all the superior features. With a 144Hz refresh rate, 2ms of response time, and 1920*1080 resolution it will give you crystal clear image quality with smooth movement.

Dell D2719HGF front
Dell D2719HGF

The Dells d2719hgf OSD menu will assist you in adjusting settings such as brightness, volume, color temperature, contrast, etc. It’s easy to use and straightforward. However, its ergonomic features are limited to tilt functionality.

This 27-inch monitor along with AMD technology provides superior screen quality. QHD Resolution feature of this monitor provides a sharp view of images and the HDMI port that it offers monitor helps you to connect your laptop with a computer or other laptop.

This monitor is designed with some advanced features, color technology, and motion that are important for playing action games like Apex leader, Black Ops 4, call of duty, Fortnite, and many more.

The anti-glare coating helps you to keep your focus only on the game by eliminating reflection distraction. To know more about this monitor read the full review about the monitor.

Build and Design

This monitor looks simple and attractive along with that offers vivid color. It looks very professional because its thin-bezel design on its sides and top gives you sharp image quality at any angle.

This excellent feature of this monitor makes it unique from other monitors. Although the monitor looks simple and comes with a decent design it gives a great gaming experience to game players.

Dell D2719HGF back
Dell D2719HGF back

The monitor is made from durable plastic instead of so it doesn’t look cheap. The back cabinet of the monitor has a matte finish. Because of these advanced features, it facilitates to either hang it on your wall or place it anywhere on a desk as its rectangular design takes less space.

This monitor lacks the feature of height adjustment, rotation, and swivel. This monitor also has an in-build speaker that doesn’t sound loud but is useful.

Image Quality

The dell d2719hgf provides good image quality with its 27 inches full-screen monitor having a TN panel. The monitor can cover 99% sRGB color gamut and has a great tendency to cover 8-bit color. How the out of the box accuracy is not good and easily noticeable by the expert gamer.

This is common for the monitor based on the TN panel. Hence someone looking at this laptop for photo editing, or for watching a movie this monitor doesn’t seem good. The viewing angle of the monitor is also bad and because of that, the gamer feels difficulty playing the game smoothly and performs better.

If you want color accuracy you have to make some settings and you may get accuracy in color. Although the monitor at this price is better than any other monitor.

It offers a level of brightness of 400-nits and has a color contract ratio of 1000:1. For protecting the eyes from color stains drop their brightness level. The view angle is narrow and offers 160° vertical and 170° horizontal viewing angles.

The combination of 1080 resolution and a screen of 27 inches gives 81PPI picture density.


This monitor performs perfectly and is suitable for game players. Through a 144Hz response time, you will get a buttery-smooth gaming experience. To experience the difference play with the monitor giving 60Hz. The AMD FreeSync technology and 2ms response rate keep you busy in your gaming world and You don’t have to face lagging, stuttering, and screen tearing while playing your favorite game.

Through the OSD menu, you can eliminate some of its performance flaws and can adjust the performance according to your need. Although it lacks some features it will serve your entertainment and gaming needs perfectly.


The Dell D2719HGF offers DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, and audio ports.

Price Trends

Price Trends
Price Trends






The dell d2791hgf has some exciting features but another alternative is also available in the market. We have offered you some alternative options for Dell d2791hgf with comparison. Let’s have a look.

Samsung C27FG70

Dell D2791hgf gives better brightness than Samsung C27FG70. The dell monitor only supports NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and hence lacks AMD graphic card compatibility. However, with a response time of 2ms, it functions 86% faster than the Samsung monitor. The graphic color quality of the Samsung C27FG70 is better than that of Dell and offers 8-bit color depth that gives better color accuracy to the game user. On the other hand in Dell monitors the inaccuracy of the color is easily adjustable.

Both Dell and Samsung monitors have attractive and simple designs and are known for gaming monitors. The contract ratio of Samsung C27FG70 is 3000:1 which is much higher than Dell d2791hgf as its contrast rate is 1000:1.


In the world of monitoring, CRUA made her distinct identity. There are several exciting features CRUA monitors offer to the users. The v-shaped stand of CRUA adjusts in a small space on your desk. The color gamut of this monitor offers a clear crystal image view with 82% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB. Dell monitor cover 99% sRGB provides less clear and realistic image than CRUA 27.

Both monitors offer a refresh rate of 144hz and 27 inches screen size. CRUA provides 89° vertical and horizontal angle settings and has better ergonomic support. You can adjust the tilt and height of the handle of CRUA which lacks in the Dell monitor.

Asus VG248QG

The Asus VG248QG has the best features that every game players need to have in it. It comes with G-SYNC technology, a refresh rate of 165Hz, low motion blur, and a response time of 1ms. Although some feature of Asus VG248QG is better but you have to pay less amount than Dell d2719hgf. The Asus VG248QG offers a fully ergonomic stand that makes it comfortable to adjust the viewing angle of the monitor however its viewing angle is narrow. Both monitor Asus VG248QG and dell d2719hgf support TN panel and cover the color gamut of 99% sRGB and 8 bits color depth.

As both monitors support the TN panel both monitors lack color accuracy. For better color, you have to make some settings instead so that the inaccuracy can be visible by the extensive game player.

ViewSonic XG2401

Viewsonic comes under popular monitor brands. Hence don’t need a detailed description of it.  Both monitors are preferable for action game players. The Viewsonic has excellent features and supports FreeSync technology, giving a 1ms response rate and refresh rate of 144Hz which dell d2719hgf also offers. It contains more exciting features than the Dell monitor but is available at a chapter price. ViewSonic has low input lag and thus offers a seamless gaming experience in comparison to the Dell monitor.

Both the monitor supports ADM FreeSync technology and is beneficial in the world of game and entertainment.

Sceptre E248B-FPT168

The Sceptre E248B-FPT168 monitor is extremely good for game players. It supports IPS and has a refresh rate of 165Hz. With this monitor, you can experience a better gaming experience and quality image. However, you have to pay less for this monitor as compared to the Dell monitor.

Dell d271hgf has 27 inches screen which is later than that of the scepter E248B-FPT168 monitor. Sceptre provides better ergonomic facilities features with a 100% sRGB color gamut. Its IPS panel gives much better image quality and color accuracy which the dell TN panel doesn’t provide.

Sceptre E248B-FPT168 is excellent for both gaming and photo editing purposes but the Dell monitor is good only for the game player because of its inaccuracy in image quality.

Thoughts on Dell 2D719HGF

This monitor has exciting features that make it fit for the gaming experience. As it doesn’t compromise the quality, you will get it at an affordable price. With 1920*1080 pixels and 2ms response time, it works fast and perfectly. The other things that attract this monitor are its look and attractive features.

We have given you a clear review of Dell d2719hgf. You can select the monitor as per your need and preferences. If it contains all the features you want that you can go with it otherwise you can also check some of its other alternatives.

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